MHS Robotics Competition

Featuring both SumoBot and SweeperBot Categories

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What It's All About

Basic Idea

In a SumoBot competition, two robots are placed in a four-foot diameter circle. First robot to push the other out of the ring wins.

In a SweeperBot competition, one robot is placed on a raised field and it must push six lightweight boxes out of the field within two minutes without falling off the field.

Time and Place

The competition will be hosted at Methacton High School on Saturday, April 16th.

More details will become available as the year progresses. All of the details will be finalized by the end of December. Please submit your questions and/or suggestions.

"There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe."

•Daniel H. Wilson•

The Rules

Important Details

  • Robots must be autonomous.
  • Robots may be built around any processor (e.g. Vex Cortex, Arduino, Mindstorms, etc.) using any non-toxic, non-explosive materials you happen to have lying around.
  • Robots must weigh 4 pounds or less.
  • Robots must be 9” by 9” or less with no height restrictions.
  • Schools may enter for one or both of the contests. A team may have one robot for SumoBot and a different robot for SweeperBot.
  • The philosophy of this meet is one of friendly, low-key competition and camaraderie. Our intention is to provide an additional venue for high school robotics club that focuses a little more on the programming side and less intense than the FIRST and VEX league competitions (as fun as those can be).


This contest is based on the SumoBot contest that Penn State IEEE has run the past few years in State College ( Robots should not be designed to harm the other robot. A robot should be designed to autonomously detect the other robots and push it out of the ring.

Download the rules


To the right is the field design. There will be 6 lightweight boxes placed on the field. The thick black lines indicate that there is a 2 inch black border around all edges. There is a 12” by 12” hole on the right side of the field.

Download the rules

"I just want the future to happen faster. I can't imagine the future without robots."

•Nolan Bushnell•

News and Updates

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There has not been any news relating to the competiton.

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